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By mrstanneke
I'm just new here, but when I have a bank account I shall support your site with € 5,-
When I finish my debt sanitaion then I can support, it will take 3 months and then it's finished.
For now I hope you will keep this site online.

With respect.
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By ThumperTM
tskains3 wrote:I will donate $50 if I can get a fix for Virtual DJ 8 to be able to use my

We don't fix app for money, so thanks for your offer but we wont help you this time.
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By ThumperTM
cazman405 wrote:HI Made small donation, sure to do more soon. :danca:
Thank you, We promoted you! ;)
By Endgame
I'm confirming I've read this and will honestly see what I can do. Maybe I can make a donation in the next week or so.
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