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By mrstanneke
I'm just new here, but when I have a bank account I shall support your site with € 5,-
When I finish my debt sanitaion then I can support, it will take 3 months and then it's finished.
For now I hope you will keep this site online.

With respect.
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By ThumperTM
tskains3 wrote:I will donate $50 if I can get a fix for Virtual DJ 8 to be able to use my

We don't fix app for money, so thanks for your offer but we wont help you this time.
By Endgame
I'm confirming I've read this and will honestly see what I can do. Maybe I can make a donation in the next week or so.
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The video is back at this link. I grew up with DJ […]

Not all of them look great of course but thanks