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Okay i show you today how to make your internet a little bit faster with cmd ( no file, by yourself)

You need adminstrator-rights for that and i'm sorry for my bad english writing.

So lets start, first step is go to Start type in cmd and open the file as adminstrator, when you deactivated windows search or have windows xp just do WINDOWS + R i hope you all know which buttons i mean.

Okay you should see an black screen thats right.

What you have to type is :
1. CD/
2. netsh int tcp show global
3. netsh int tcp set global chimney=enabled
4. netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal
5. netsh int tcp set global congestionprovider=ctcp
6. netsh int tcp show global

When thats done, you dont have to restart your computer you can reconnect to your internet, it worked for me, and i hope it works for you.

Please leave a comment, if you have problems, im here to help :)

(please tell me what words are written wrong, because i'm from switzerland)

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