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A place where you can share links to Windows Freeware/shareware applications.
My stuff..

Libre Office
Sumatra PDF
Pidgin (Gaim)
Firefox (Yeah, you can fiddle with it for ages ^^)
ClassicShell (Win7 Start menu makes me sick, I need the classic one.. Oh and it works on win8(Eeew!) aswell)
µTorrent ( 2.0.4 22967, can't stand the new versions.. =P )
cloudantivirus (Yes it is panda, and usually their AVs sucks goats arse, but this one is superb.)
Oh and bits n bobs from (microsoft tech now, link still works though ^^ )
By esbeejay13
SpyderSeven wrote:Thanks for this list! Here's one of my favorites since everyone is talking about torrent clients..
I found this a few months ago and I haven't touched another client since =] It's very stable and lightweight, and the Auto Limit works wonders if you want your torrents up while browsing.

Perfect if you want a torrent client without frilly stuff!
i will try this... thanks bro!!!

thanks but i couldn't find the MBR Regenerator on […]