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A place where you can share links to Windows Freeware/shareware applications.

uTorrentPatch v1.0 {SpeedUP DL speed} - ThumperDC
Allows you to download at max speed thanks to the auto config feature. The uTorrent settings will be patched with the optimal values. I tested this loads of times and I get about 30% improvements.

Developed By Karizma [Friend of mine]

Download Link:
Code: Select all{SpeedUP_DL_speed}_[].rar]
thanks but i applied the patch and am now going to restart my computer but i have one question and anyone is welcomed to answer it for me but how exactly can you tell whether or not your getting better speeds? i just want to know how to tell if i did it right. and is there any other mods or setting i can play with to make it even better, i already unsuccessfully tried to do port forwarding on it last night and have given up on that due to the fact it just wont work for me and i get frustrated with it. thanks again Tom
this patch kind of made my night a living nightmare. it messed with to much so i was uploading fast but downloading was cut down to hardly anything and made my system reboot slow now i took it completely off my OS and fixed everything 4 hrs later. maybe its something i did maybe its the app i dont know but thanks anyway
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