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A place where you can share links to Windows Freeware/shareware applications.
All driverpacks(the archives themselves, not the software) are put together by a guy named SamLab.

He releases SamDrivers each month and it includes:
  • DriverPack Solution(aka DPS)
  • Drivers Installer Assistant(aka DIA)
  • Snappy Driver Installer (aka SDI)
It should be noted that his edition of DriverPack Solution has adware removed while the regular DriverPack Solution is loaded with adware and other potentially unwanted software.

Anyway, SamLab recently made an announcement: ... unt%3D8797

Google Translate is terrible, so I put my translation below.
Here’s the roadmap for the next month. All driverpacks will be optimized for SDI(Snappy Driver Installer) by removing markers and other workarounds that were a life support for DPS(DriverPack Solution). New driverpacks will work with DPS for some time during the transition period but the reliability will degrade and no further effort will be made to prolong DPS/DIA support.

1. Removal/renaming of markers - completed.
2. Removal of duplicate folders(DPS won’t be able to pick correct driver without these) - in progress.
3. Correction of signed drivers - scheduled.

The reason SamLab is doing it, both DPS and DIA haven’t been updated for years and their driver matching algorithm is inferior to SDI. As such, these unmaintained tools caused unnecessary bloating of driverpacks and held back development of driverpacks(for example, some drivers couldn't be included because DPS would install wrong drivers and render the PC unbootable). Dropping support for DPS/DIA and focusing on SDI will make driverpacks smaller and more complete in the long run.

The DPS team haven’t worked on improving the core functionality for years because they’re too busy loading DPS with adware and tweaking the interface. Since all SamLab’s requests to fix DPS went unanswered for years, he decided that there’s no point in maintaining workarounds anymore. DPS is among the weakest driver updaters anyway, and users are encouraged to switch over to Snappy Driver Installer or some driver updaters.
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