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A place where you can share links to Windows Freeware/shareware applications.
I just downloaded the program (1.0.2)
I'm on windows 7 ENT 64bit
I'm getting the (supposedly fixed) update loop
Is there any fix for that?

NVM, I managed to get it to update (I connected to a VPN, then did an update, that helped)
It was easy. Download and run! Thanks guys a lot. :D

May I ask, how to check that it is running smoothly? It is so simple, that I get a delusion that I won't notice, if it is not working.

Is there an easy way to check my IP is hidden in "a massive amount of evil IPs"?)
ThumperTM wrote:Enough has been provided. If you are not sure about this app then simple dont use it.
Also does it work with VPN encryption?

Qarizma :aplause:


PS... Mediafire link doesn't work
Got an error message as follows:

evb7A0A.tmp - System Error The program can't start because le %dbits.DLL missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

Running Windows 7 with net 3.5 & 4 framework installed. Attempt to install net 2.0 framework & it said it's already installed as a part of the OS

Any idea or clues as to how to fix to this error?
ThumperTM wrote:READ what Qarizma said!
Try deleting the following files:

im gonna try this. where would i find this on windows xp. yes i have two systems with xp because they cant handle 7 and up. i just use them for certain games and other stuff. etc. and yes i still get updates.
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thanks but i couldn't find the MBR Regenerator on […]