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A place where you can share links to Windows Freeware/shareware Games.
That's a great game ever I play... but if you want to play another game I can tell you the right site that you can find...

That's a great site, you can find and download game for PC
Shaggy wrote:[center]Image

CheatCodes: Enjoy!!!! :)

toohot : Infinite suns
slowbloke : make zombies walk slower.

At any time during gameplay, enter: sukhbir
Make Zombies Dance
i like to play this games

Enter: dance
Zombies From The Future

Enter the word "future" and watch the zombie conehead zombie and the buckethead zombie get glasses from the future.
Candy Explosion

At any time during gameplay, enter: pinata
Awesome Lawnmower

Easy Money Glitch/cheat

Get your Zen Garden, and then water your plants until they don't need any more. Then update the date on your PC (change the system time/date). After you change the date, they'll need to be watered again. Repeat over and over and get new plants when the current ones grow to full size. Sell them to get money - then repeat as often as necessary. Unlimited money!

Just go on last stand and plant marygolds everywhere and then redo and redo thats it. The more you plant, the more money you get.

At any time during gameplay, enter: trickedout
Zombies Leave Daisies

At any time during gameplay, enter: daisies
Zombie Mustaches[/center]

thanks but i couldn't find the MBR Regenerator on […]