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A place where you can share links to Windows Freeware/shareware Games.

Warzone 2100 is a great 3D futuristic real time strategy game. When it was released in 1999 it was a commercial product, but in 2004 it was given to public domain. Warzone2100, as we know it today, started as a resurrection project. Now it boasts over 400 different technologies, multiplayer online, and single player campaigns. While the visuals are a bit behind today's standards, graphics aren't what a good game is all about.


You Can download it here
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In Warzone 2100, you command the forces of The Project in a battle to rebuild the world after mankind has almost been destroyed by nuclear missiles.

The game offers campaign, multi-player, and single-player skirmish modes. An extensive tech tree with over 400 different technologies, combined with the unit design system, allows for a wide variety of possible units and tactics.

Warzone 2100 was originally developed as a commercial game by Pumpkin Studios and published in 1999, and was released as open source by them in 2004, for the community to continue working on it.


Alot more to come ;)

i could not see any button to create a new topic so i decided to post it here

it's another rts freeware game called Heroes of Newerth (i don't know if free to play are considered as freewares, indeed you can play free but you can buy some items (add-ons) but not mandatory)

Heroes of Newerth

also known as HoN


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